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Build a page design to specific product/collection/article/blog(s)

📑 When you build and publish a product/collection/article/blog page within Veda theme builder. The design will auto apply to all products/collections/articles/blogs. Take a Soleed collection page for example.

The collection design will auto apply to all collections

🤔What if I want to build a new design for specific product/collection/article/blog(s)?

💡 You can do so under the Page area. Click the page type and select a specific product/collection/article you wish to apply to the new design. Don’t forget to use the “Search” function to narrow down your items. Take a product page for example.

📑 Find the difference between the two buttons: “Publish and do not override” vs. “Confirm override” via this article.

Updated on: 03/04/2023

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