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How to use Fera Reviews App in Veda

Install Fera Reviews App

First, you need to install Fera Reviews App app.

After installing it successfully, you will see the app dashboard on your Shopify dashboard.

Select add widget.

Select the type of widget that you want to use.

Select change location mode

Select HTML Tag.

Copy the ID snippet.

Add Fera Reviews App while using Veda Builder

After you install Fera Reviews App successfully, you can go to Veda Builder Dashboard by clicking this link and enter your shop name like below in to the input box like this

or go to your "Apps" and click on "Veda Builder"

After that, you can go to the Any page and install Fera Review app into the page.

After installing, please paste the ID snippet that you just copied into the Snippet Id Setting.

Then, select the position where you want to install that snippet.

Fera Review app provide to you many types of review form that you can choose from.

You can add any snippet to any type of page you want.


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Updated on: 03/05/2023

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