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“Publish and don't override” vs. “Confirm override”

What’s the difference between the two buttons: “Publish and do not override” vs. “Confirm override”?

You’d better pay extra attention to the two buttons when designing a new page for page type: Product Page, Collection Page, Blog Page, and Article Page.

📑"Publish and do not override" means that apply this page design to only items I've selected.

📑"Confirm override" means that apply this page design to all items.

For example, you want to create a new product page design for 3 items (shirt, t-shirt, and suit) without affecting other items.

You go to Page area 👉 Product Page 👉 Create new page 👉 Install a template 👉 Select 3 items

When you publish page, you should choose "Publish and do not override" button.

What if you click “Confirm override”? If so, all items will have the new page design. So be careful with these two buttons.

Updated on: 03/04/2023

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